Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Act 2000

The following information, inter alia, is available from the Clerk, by prior appointment. Charges, limited to the cost of photocopying at current rates, may apply. Please see footnote for Clerk's contact details.

1. Council Internal Practice and Procedure

Minutes of Council Meetings – limited to the last 2 years
Procedural Standing Orders
Agenda and supporting papers for Council meetings limited to the next forthcoming meeting

2. Code of Conduct

Members' Declaration of Acceptance of Office
Chairman's Declaration of Acceptance of Office as Chairman
Register of Members' Interests declared by members when becoming a parish councillor
Register of Members' Interests declared at Parish Council meetings.

3. Periodic Electoral Review

Changes to the electoral arrangements for parish councils, recommendations for creation of new wards, amendments of existing wards, proposals for the re-naming of wards and alteration to the number of councillors to be elected to the Council.
Information relating to the last Periodic Electoral Review of the council area
Information relating to the last boundary review of the council area
Casual Vacancies
Electoral Roll

4. Employment Practice and Procedure

Terms and conditions of employment
Job descriptions

5. Planning Documents

Responses to planning applications
Village Framework (available from North Northamptonshire Council)
Important Open Land (available from North Northamptonshire Council)
Registered Common Land and Open Country (available from North Northamptonshire Council)
Residential Land Availability (available from North Northamptonshire Council)
Public Rights of Way – Definitive Map and Statement (available from North Northamptonshire Council)
Sundry Maps
Trees – Preservation Orders (available from North Northamptonshire Council)
Listed Buildings (available from North Northamptonshire Council)

6. Audit and Accounts

Annual return form – limited to the last financial year
Annual Statutory Report by auditor (internal and external) – limited to the last financial year
Receipts and Payments books, Receipts book, Bank Statements, Account Transfer book – limited to the last financial year
Precept request – limited to the last financial year
VAT records – limited to the last financial year
Financial Standing Orders and Regulations
Assets register
Risk Assessments
Glapthorn Village Drainage Improvement Scheme 2006 – all related documents

7. Development and Implementation of Policy

Policy Statements issued by Council
Responses made by Council to consultation papers
Analysis of responses received to public consultation by Council
Village Appraisal if and when made

Records can be viewed by prior arrangement with the Parish Clerk.

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