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ACRE Best Village Competition

The ACRE Northamptonshire Best Village Competition Group

Firstly – the news that, this year, the competition has been renamed!

The ACRE Northamptonshire Best Village Competition is now "The Northamptonshire Village Awards 2019" and its new sponsor is C.P.R.E. (Campaign for the Preservation of Rural England), Northamptonshire.

The rules, criteria and entry format have remained unchanged however, and we are pleased to announce that, after 12 months of gathering and compilation of information, our entry is complete and has been passed to the Parish Council for submission. The document is now available below.

Glapthorn is eligible for entry in two categories - "Best Small Village" and " Best Newcomer to the Awards", both of which carry prizes of £250. A win in either of these categories would mean automatic consideration for the most prestigious award of overall "Best Village" with its prize of £1000.

Each village that enters the competition will be visited by a panel of judges between mid April and early June. Their visit will last for up to two and a half hours during which they hope to meet a wide cross-section of the village community.

The judges will be looking for villages that can demonstrate enterprise, initiative and community spirit as well as how the village environment is cared for.

They will want to know not only what has been done in the past few years to help the community but also our plans for the years ahead.

We are confident that our submission demonstrates that Glapthorn meets and, indeed, exceeds the competition criteria.

The winners will be announced at a presentation evening in Northampton on Tuesday 16th July.

We want to ensure that, when the judges arrive, Glapthorn will be looking at its very best. So, to tie in with the village's annual litter pick, which, this year, takes place in the week beginning 1st April, we are inviting all residents to join in the "Big Village Tidy-up". Please make time to check your frontages. Are your borders tidy and weed-free? Are your verges mown? Are your gutters clear of debris?

Don't forget – if you need a helping hand with any of these jobs, the Green Team and the Handy Andy Team are there to help. Just call Ursula on 01832 272594 or Liz on 03330062730.

The Parish Council and the Village Hall Committee would like to thank everyone in the village who has contributed so willingly and energetically to this project over the past 12 months – it has been hard work, but it has been fun! Irrespective of the result of the competition in July, the work undertaken has confirmed what we all know – Glapthorn is a great place to live. Furthermore, the project has inspired us all to explore and implement ways in which the quality of life in the village can be enhanced now and in the future.

Liz Barnish

ACRE Northamptonshire Village Awards 2019 Competition Coordinator.

The ACRE Northants Best Village Group works in association with Glapthorn Parish Council and the Village Hall Management Committee.

Handy Andy Team at work!

Glapthorn pottery on display on History Day

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