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ACRE Best Village Competition

What is the ACRE Northamptonshire Best Village Group?

Earlier this year Glapthorn was invited to enter the annual Northamptonshire Best Village competition. It was agreed that the village would not have sufficient time to submit an entry in 2018. However, the invitation prompted a review of the community life of the village and the Best Village Group was established in April to prepare an entry for 2019.

Having met on three occasions, the group has completed an audit of all the existing activities and services available to the village and a number of projects have been developed which we hope will further enhance life in Glapthorn in the future.


  • An informal art group starting in the autumn.
  • A singing for pleasure group also starting in he autumn.
  • An annual Glapthorn history day –this year scheduled for Sunday 28th October.
  • A monthly coffee morning for all to be held on the 2nd Friday of each month from 10am till 11.30am, beginning on 10th August.
  • A "Share your Spare" scheme beginning on 1st July whereby gardeners share their excess produce with their neighbours.
  • An annual "Tidy Up" week to coincide with Litter Pick week. Residents will be encouraged to mow and weed their house frontages, trim back hedges and overhanging shrubs and clear gutters of plant debris.


  • An information hub in the church.
  • An upgrade of the village newsletter.
  • A "Handy Andy" team to carry out small, one off household/garden tasks, mainly for the more elderly residents, but also to undertake small maintenance jobs round the village that are too costly for the Parish Council to fund.The team leader is Liz Barnish on 03330062730 /
  • A "Tech Team", again mainly to provide advice and support for the elderly with, for example, TV tuning and I.T. issues. The team leader is Shindo Bettley on 01832 205085 /
  • A "Green Team" to identify, plan, plant and maintain neglected areas in the village for future environmental enhancement. The team leader is Ursula Wide on 01832 272594 /

How can you help?

The competition places great emphasis on community effort and involvement, so if you would like to participate in any of the projects above please contact the relevant team leader.

Your contribution will be most welcome.

How do I access the services?

Do you need an extra pair of hands to move furniture?

Is it becoming difficult to change a ceiling lightbulb?

Is your computer "playing up" and you're not sure how to fix it?

Do you want to know how to change your energy provider on-line?

These, and many more, are the services our teams happy to provide. If you need assistance, just give us a call!

Follow the projects.

Keep an eye on this page for news and updates on all the projects.


The majority of the initiatives listed above are now under way and proving to be very successful. Our thanks go to Penny Reading for setting up the Art Group and to John Coleman for providing the materials. Thanks also to Pauline Davidson for organising the monthly coffee mornings and to Shindo Bettley for running the (much in demand!) Tech Team.

Unfortunately however, we have been unable to launch the Singing for Pleasure group as we have failed to find a choir leader with free time to take on the role. If you know of anyone who may be prepared to step in, please let us know - many of our residents would love to participate in this initiative.

Ursula Wide, leader of the Green Team, is organising an Open Gardens event in aid of the Cransley Hospice next summer – the provisional date is 16th June 2019. Further details will follow.

At the end of September a team of 16 volunteers repainted the bridge railings over the brook on Southwick Road and Main Street and on the pathway leading up from Main Street to Brookside, saving the Parish Council over £1000.00 in labour costs. A large amount of encroaching vegetation was also removed and the project has considerably enhanced the appearance of key areas of the village. Our thanks go to everyone who gave so freely of their time and energy to see this project through.

On Sunday 28th October, the Group, in association with the Village Hall Management Committee hosted the first-ever Glapthorn History Day. Village residents and groups were invited to display their photos, memorabilia and historic documents and artifacts and take part in a number of fun competitions. Many thanks to all those who contributed in so many ways towards making this such a interesting and successful day. Special thanks must go to the History Group - Gill Johnston, Tricia Newton and Ann Chapple for all their hard work and planning expertise.

On Saturday 10th November the Green Team led a group of volunteers of all ages in planting over 1750 Spring-flowering bulbs and plants in various locations throughout the village. Once again, we were blessed with glorious weather for the project and the job was completed in less than 2 hours, demonstrating what can be achieved when the community comes together.

On Saturday 24th November Ursula, Charles, Liz & Alan planted 2 native bird cherry trees on the "triangle" adjacent to the Main St. and Southwick Rd. junction, thus completing the Green Team's autumn planting scheme. Thanks to the very generous donations from local residents Ursula was able to purchase relatively mature trees for this location, so we can look forward to a really good show of blossom next Spring.


The ACRE Northants Best Village Group works in association with Glapthorn Parish Council and the Village Hall Management Committee.

Handy Andy Team at work!

Glapthorn pottery on display on History Day

Our resident archaeologist explains Glapthorn's long history!

Our local expert horticulturist gives a lesson in bulb planting to a budding gardener!

Is it straight?

Oh my back!!