A civil parish in East Northamptonshire

Clerk: Jill Sardeson
Northview, 15 Main Street
Yarwell, Northamptonshire

Glapthorn Playing Fields Association (PFA)

Thanks to everyone in the village who has supported our efforts to purchase the land behind the village school as a recreation space for the whole village. After a lot of effort we have had some real success in getting some of the funding we need for our project.

East Northamptonshire Council approved a £50,000 Community Facilities Fund grant to Glapthorn Council for the playing field project. We can use this, along with the £60,000 Public Works Loan Board loan, to purchase the land and any associated costs and we have until 31st January 2020 to draw both these sources of money down.

Recently we were informed that Sport England had awarded a £75,000 grant towards our project. We will have to have other funds in place to complete Stage 1 (access road, car park and sports pitch) before we are able to draw down this money, but there are no other strings attached—so no floodlighting and no use restrictions!

This is an excellent start and a massive endorsement of the project for attracting further funding. We need another £50-70,000 (depending on tenders) to complete Stage 1 and we have bids in the pipeline totaling £180,000.

We received confirmation of planning consent (with conditions) on the 4th April and the Diocesan Education Board have instructed solicitors to draw up a lease for the access road through part of the school land.

At a recent Parish Council meeting it was decided that the Parish Council would see the project through to the end of Stage 1 and a "Works Committee" (including Non-Councillors as well as Councillors) has been set up to manage the project to deal particularly with the following areas:

  • agreeing detailed design issues
  • conducting negotiations with land owners
  • making arrangements to invite and receive tenders and quotations for work
  • preparing and considering cash flow and affordability of the project
  • the keeping of separate accounts for the project

It was felt important to retain financial control of the project as taxpayers had voted to increase their council tax to fund the loan repayments. The plan is that the PFA will form a charity and plan for the takeover of the project through Stage 2 and its management on completion.

Can you help?

If you have any time to spare or skills to offer to this Working Party we would love to hear from you. Please contact Malcolm Moss (