Emergency Plan


The purpose of the Emergency Plan is to increase the short-term resilience of the community to an emergency by identification of community procedures.During 1998 Northamptonshire experienced severe floods, which effected most of the county. Due to the widespread nature of the emergency and duration, it was difficult for the Emergency Services, Local Authorities, Voluntary Agencies and the Utilities to respond rapidly to each effected community. We have had our share of flooding in Glapthorn, and while steps have been taken to reduce the risk of reoccurrence, it is possible that future emergencies may occur in the Parish, where a response may be delayed. In this circumstance the Glapthorn community will benefit from having their own Emergency Plan. Hence, the Glapthorn Parish Council has adopted a model Community Emergency Self-Help Plan which has been developed by Northamptonshire County Council, and is designed to prepare a community for emergencies. A team has been formed in Glapthorn, known as the Community Emergency Planning and Response (CEPR) Group and the present leader is Roy Kerr; but he needs assistance. Roy has already identified several members of the community who are prepared to act if an emergency, but other specific resources and skills are always welcome. Please contact Roy if you think you can contribute.

Skills and Equipment

Within the community we have identified the differing skills that can be used in emergency situations. E.g. first aiders. However, is there a nurse and/or a doctor in the village? We will always require emergency response volunteers and possibly child care specialists. Finding out who in the Parish have these skills and adding them to our plan will mean we will be able to respond quicker and more effectively, should an emergency occur. (Of course the volunteers would only be required in an extreme emergency such as a major flood, fire or major disaster. For now all we need is a name and contact details).

In addition to the skills mentioned above we need to establish what equipment people hold that may be of assistance in different situations. In particular we require electrical generators, a tractor (with a snow plough), 4×4 vehicles, and any other equipment that may prove useful such as chain saws, camping equipment, garden tools – all which may be of use in an emergency. We can't have too much or too many.

Activation of the Plan

The plan should be activated when an emergency has occurred; when it is obvious that the normal response by the emergency services may be delayed e.g. widespread flooding, severe ice and snow, a major accident or fire. During such a situation a CEPR member will either become aware of the emergency or be informed of the emergency by a community member. Once notified the CEPR member will take the appropriate action, and should then alert other members and agencies of the situation and organise a local meeting.

St. Leonard's Church has been identified as a safe location for a meeting, as well as an appropriate Community Shelter/Temporary Reception Centre, if required. CEPR Group members should be given responsibility for different areas (such as, communications, skills and equipment, talking to the emergency services etc.). During an emergency, the CEPR Group should arrange regular meetings to monitor the situation and to update one another on their areas.

Vulnerable Locations and People

It is important that we, as a community, consider any location that may be more vulnerable to emergencies than others, such as the school. It is also crucial that we consider those people that may be vulnerable when an emergency strikes. These may be people living alone, families with young children, elderly, disabled, pregnant, visitors, those recovering from a recent illness/operation, and those that may become distressed in an emergency situation. If you know someone to which this may apply, please make it known to the CEPR group.

The Glapthorn Emergency Plan

The Glapthorn Emergency Plan is a 'living document', as is constantly being reviewed and updated by the Parish Council. As you will have read above, and will see from the document when you study it, we have some nominated volunteers but we still require additional support and information. Therefore, if you are able to help in any small way please contact the Parish Clerk on 07814 468044.

If you would like to view a copy of the Glapthorn Emergency Plan please click on this link:

Community Awareness of Emergency Planning

I hope, by reading this page, you are now aware that a Community Emergency Self-help Plan exists in Glapthorn. You know who is in charge, where further information may be found. However, the North Northamptonshire Council Emergency Planning Team has developed guidance for individuals during a generic emergency and specific emergencies such as floods. If you would like further information please visit:

North Northamptonshire Council