The Independent Examiner's Report

The Independent Examiner's Report was issued on 23rd April 2018. All the fundamental policies in the proposed Plan have been accepted subject to a number of modifications. The Independent Examiner recommends that, with those modifications, the Plan should go forward to referendum to be arranged by East Northamptonshire Council (ENC).

All residents of Glapthorn on the electoral register will be entitled to vote in the referendum which ENC has suggested be held on 5th July this year.

The Glapthorn Neighbourhood Planning Group (GNPG) met on 26th April to receive the Independent Examiner's Report, agree changes needed to incorporate his recommendations and then propose the final wording of the Neighbourhood Plan to the Parish Council on 17th May.

The intention is to hold a Public Forum on 13th June, to explain the changes needed (which are relatively few and mainly wording improvements). Meanwhile, you may wish to look at the papers which the GNPG considered:

The Independent Examiner's Report

A leaflet from the GNP Group summarising the report and highlighting the significant policy amendments needed

An initial draft of the Neighbourhood Plan with all the proposed changes highlighted

A clean version of the Plan incorporating the changes.

Parish Policies Map

Village Policies Map

The leaflet will be issued in early May, and a copy of the full Neighbourhood Plan will delivered to every household in June prior to the referendum.