On 2 Mar 2018 2:40 am, Chris Collison wrote:


Christopher Collison BA(Hons) MBA MRTPI MIED MCMI IHBC

By email to
Alan Tresadern, Parish Clerk, Glapthorn Parish Council and
Mike Burton, Principal Planning Policy Officer, East Northamptonshire Council.

Dated 1 March 2018

Dear Alan and Mike

Glapthorn Neighbourhood Plan Independent Examination

Further to my appointment to undertake the Independent Examination of the Glapthorn Neighbourhood Development Plan and the speedy handling by East Northamptonshire Council of the set-up matters of appointment and contract; plan documentation; and confirmation of both contacts and strategic policies of the Development Plan, I am writing to clarify how I will conduct the examination.

1. Communications
It is essential that the examination process is open and transparent to all interested parties. I would be grateful if East Northamptonshire Council and Glapthorn Parish Council could publish this email on their respective websites. I will address all future communication to East Northamptonshire Council, and send a copy to Glapthorn Parish Council. It would be helpful if the Parish Council could channel all communication to me through East Northamptonshire Council, and that, when writing to me, East Northamptonshire Council copies-in the Parish Council. As this is the first time I have emailed Glapthorn Parish Council, Alan could you please acknowledge this message to confirm the communication channel is open.

2. Examination documents
I have received a copy of the Submission Plan documents posted to me by East Northamptonshire Council. I have access to electronic versions of the submission Plan documents. I have noted evidence base documents are available at https://www.glapthorn.org.uk/index.php/consultation-under-regulation-16/ .

I have also received electronic versions of each of the Regulation 16 representations submitted.

Subject to my later detailed assessment I have not identified any obvious fundamental flaws in the submission documents that would lead me to advise the examination should not proceed. If I find that there are significant issues which may prevent the Plan meeting the basic conditions I will let you know during the examination.

3. Independence
From my initial review of the Plan documents and Regulation 16 representations it would appear that there are no conflicts of interest that would call into question my independent status.

4. Visit to the Plan area
After I have thoroughly reviewed the Plan documents and representations I intend to visit the plan area as this will assist me in understanding the nature of the Plan and points made in representations, and help me decide if there are any issues to be clarified. I will undertake this visit on an unaccompanied basis as it is important that there should be no perception that I have heard additional representations.

5. Clarification procedures
I may at any time during the Independent Examination seek written clarification of any matters that I consider necessary. I will direct any request for clarification to East Northamptonshire Council, copying in the Parish Council. Any request for clarification and any response should be published on the East Northamptonshire Council and Glapthorn Parish Council websites.

I am proceeding on the basis that the examination can be concluded without the need for a hearing. At any time before I issue my final report I may call a hearing if I consider this is necessary to ensure adequate examination of any issue, or to allow a person a fair chance to put a case.

6. Examination timetable
The main determinants of how long the examination will take are firstly the number and complexity of the Plan Policies; the clarity of supporting evidence; and the number and nature of representations. Assuming a hearing will not be necessary I anticipate that within approximately 3 to 4 weeks I will be able to send a confidential draft of my report to East Northamptonshire Council and Glapthorn Parish Council to allow an opportunity to check whether there are any factual errors. This will not be an opportunity for any further representations to be made.

7. Procedural questions
I would be pleased to address any questions relating to the examination process that East Northamptonshire Council or Glapthorn Parish Council may have.


Chris Collison
Independent Examiner
Planning and Management Ltd