A civil parish in East Northamptonshire

Clerk: Alan Tresadern
30 Lytham Park, Oundle
Northamptonshire PE8 4FB

2018 Northamptonshire Council of the Year Winners

2018 Northamptonshire Council of the Year Winners


Quotes from Council of the Year Statement:-

"The winner of the 2018 Council of the Year Award is small but perfectly formed...Its size doesn't stop it being run in a proper and business-like way and aspiring to deliver more for its community.

Last year it took out a loan to upgrade its street lighting to modern and energy efficient LED. Many parish councils across the county are following suit. And earlier this year the council completed a Neighbourhood Plan with 88% of votes cast in favour of adopting the plan with an incredible 61% turnout. The Neighbourhood Plan was delivered within budget and in under 2 years from start to finish proving that at least some councils in Northamptonshire are capable of good project management.

This small council demonstrates that even with limited capacity a great deal can be achieved with the right ingredients: an able clerk and chairman, a strong team of councillors, a desire to do things right and do things well, a desire to make the community a better place to live ,work and play and, above all, a passion to be the best it can be."

Posted: Tue, 09 Oct 2018 21:33 by Alan Tresadern

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