A civil parish in East Northamptonshire

Clerk: Liz Holland
20, Gordon Road, Oundle
Peterborough PE8 4LD

North Bridge Station Road Oundle - Planned Closure

Due to the concerns over the condition of the bridge structure on Station Road Oundle it is necessary to put in place a number of weight restrictions. To do this will require the installation of bollards to ensure that the bridge is protected and this can only safely be done under a road closure. On that basis the section of Station Road from the A605 to Nene Valley Brewery will be closed from the 25th March until the 29th March.

A plan showing the closure and the diversion can be viewed here

If you require more information about the works please contact Adam Bradley on 01604 883400. Northamptonshire Highways

Posted: Thu, 14 Feb 2019 16:27 by Liz Hollland

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