The Royal Oak Club was established in 2003. It is a Social Club principally for the residents of Glapthorn. To participate it is necessary to become a member of the club.

The Club runs regular Friday night social evenings for which there will usually be no entrance fee. Our aim is to provide a place to:

  • meet up and socialise with the villagers
  • catch up with local news and gossip
  • unwind at the end of a hard week
  • let children meet up and play
  • enjoy the community spirit
  • raise money for village charities
  • enjoy a drinks at low prices
  • have a bite to eat
  • play bar games

The current programme of events is below:

The Royal Oak Club Committee are:

  • Sonya Moss
  • Lauren Wilkinson - Treasurer
  • Rosie Bliss - Secretary
  • Marcus Wilkinson - Bar Manager
  • Jo Hood
  • Jo Wilkinson - Newsletter
  • Bernard Reading
  • Pauline Davidson
  • Michael Wilkinson
  • Pauline Davidson

Membership of the Royal Oak Club is open to all current residents of Glapthorn Parish, their close families and former residents. Membership is £5, please contact Jo Hood or speak to the bar staff on a Friday night. Book yourself into an event and we can set you up as a member on the night.