About the Parish Council

Generally, any person who is on the electoral roll of Glapthorn, or who has lived or worked within the parish for 12 months, may stand for election. Councillors serve for a four-year term. The next election is due to take place May 2025.

The Council is responsible for running the parish, including setting an annual precept (the money needed to run the parish), considers planning applications, and deals with matters such as flooding, footpaths, traffic, litter, emergency plans and safety. The work can be rewarding and is not onerous. The council usually meet once a month.

If you are interested in becoming part of England's oldest system of public administration, why not get in touch with the Parish Clerk who will be able to explain what is involved in more detail – or speak to any of the present councillors, whose names are published on this web site, our Facebook page., and the village notice board.

Or, come along to our next meeting and see what it is all about.

Parish Councillors

The Parish Clerk


Other Elected Representatives

North Northamptonshire Council

Oundle has 3 elected Councillors sitting on the North Northamptonshire Council (NNC):

Cllr. Helen Harrison

Cllr. Jason Smithers

Cllr. Charlie Best

The NNC council leader, Jason Smithers, produces regular updates which can be found below:

Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire

Stephen Mold

Member of Parliament

Tom Pursglove MP

2021 Election

The election of Parish Councillors was on 6th May.

The election was uncontested and the list of nominations is below: