A civil parish in East Northamptonshire

Clerk: Jill Sardeson
Northview, 15 Main Street
Yarwell, Northamptonshire

Glapthorn Women's Institute

Glapthorn Women's Institute is a friendly group of local ladies who meet at 7.30 pm in Glapthorn Village Hall on the first Wednesday in the month, except for August. We also have one outing a year, at least, and two fundraising events.

Our meetings are lively and interesting, so please check out our current programme of events on this site. The membership subscription for 2019 was £42.00, which includes a monthly 'WI Life' magazine that is sent directly to your home.

If you would like further information about Glapthorn WI, please ring our President, Sian Fox on 01780 433510, or send us an email Glapthorn WI

Glapthorn WI is affiliated to the and the National Federation of Women's Institutes

Glapthorn WI News

Glapthorn WI Programme for 2019

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    Wednesday 9th January

    New Year's Party and Games!

    Wednesday 6th Feb

    Join Dr Nick Askew for an evening to talk about British Birdsong.

    Wednesday 6th Mar

    Rosemary Briston joins us with Elsa to talk about socializing a puppy for use as a hearing dog for a deaf person. Rosemary will talk about the work of the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf charity.

    A dog (Elsa) will be in attendance!

    Wednesday 3rd April

    Yvonne Banke talks to us about keeping bees. Including how the honey bee behaves, swarms and stings!

    Wednesday 1st May

    Member Spotlight – tell us about you!! Get to know each other, we want to hear about your experiences, interests and history! When did you join the WI?

    Most importantly – there will be cake!!

    Sunday 5th May – 2-5pm

    Fund Raising at Shortwood Teas, Glapthorn Village Hall

    Wednesday 5th June

    Anyone can learn to paint. A fun and informative session where you will learn to paint a flower wreath onto a greeting card – without even using a paintbrush (no finger painting, don't worry)!

    Wednesday 5th July

    We will be visiting Camille at her lovely terrace at Bulwick Village Store. Camille will tell us about the journey of making jams and other preserves that are now sold at our supermarkets!
    Supper is available for those who wish to stay.

    Wednesday 4th September

    Here we, the audience, become the Coroner's Jury at the inquest into the death in 1913 of the Suffragette Emily Davison at the Epsom Derby. Keith Meredith acts the role of the coroner and presents you with all the evidence available at the time. You then must decide on a verdict using examples of the physical evidence!

    Wednesday 2nd October

    Annual General Meeting & Members forum – bring an item of interest and tell us about it! It can be anything, something that you were gifted by a special someone; something that you made; something that makes you proud.

    Wednesday 6th November

    The Wonderful World of Willow is a talk from Martin and John of Rutland Willows, who will talk about the life-cycle of willow and how it is prepared for use. Along the way there is an ongoing demonstration of willow work and some amusing stories.

    Wednesday 4th December

    We celebrate the forthcoming festivities at a local eatery!